A selection of San Lorenzo Del Escorial hotels that offer exceptional value for money. All prices are per double room (sleeps 2), per night and include service fees and local taxes. Breakfast is included with all hotels in San Lorenzo Del Escorial (unless specified otherwise). The rates may change depending on your total night stay.
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Miranda & Suizo Hotel   View Hotel Info 45 45 45 44 45 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
Best Western Florida Hotel   View Hotel Info 46 46 46 46 46 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
NH El Escorial Victoria Palace Hotel   View Hotel Info 53 49 53 60 54 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
Hotel Posada Don Jaime View Hotel Info          
Parrilla Príncipe Hotel View Hotel Info          
Hospedería Santa Cruz Hotel View Hotel Info          
Hotel De Martin View Hotel Info          

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