A selection of Plasencia hotels that offer exceptional value for money. All prices are per double room (sleeps 2), per night and include service fees and local taxes. Breakfast is included with all hotels in Plasencia (unless specified otherwise). The rates may change depending on your total night stay.
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Ciudad Del Jerte Hotel   View Hotel Info 65 105 105 65 85 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
Ciudad De Plasencia Hotel   View Hotel Info 78 95 95 79 87 EUR 
Service Type: BREAKFAST 
Alfonso Viii Hotel   View Hotel Info 142 142 142 140 142 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
Parador Plasencia Hotel   View Hotel Info 154 154 154 155 154 EUR 
Service Type: Room Only 
Apartamentos Turísticos Rincón de la Magdalena Hotel View Hotel Info          
Hostal Muralla Hotel View Hotel Info          
Rincón Extremeño Hotel View Hotel Info          
Albergue Santa Ana Hotel View Hotel Info          
Rusticae Palacio Carvajal Gir Hotel View Hotel Info          
Apartamentos Turisticos Doña Maria La Brava Hotel View Hotel Info          
Hotel Azar View Hotel Info          

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